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Best Chiller Van, About Alhammad Transport

Alhammad Transport is provide a Top Quality Transportation and Delivery service in Dubai and across the UAE from Past 2014. Alhammad Transport LLC is the name for reliability and honesty, we are offering a comprehensive range of Chiller Van, Freezer Van, Delivery Van, and Refrigerated Truck for Rent. our vehicles equipped with advanced technology Colling system to meet our customer needs and requirements.

Alhammad Transport Chiller Van, Freezer Van and Refrigerated Truck for Rent:

Alhammad Transport is a leading best quality Chiller Van, Freezer Truck, and Refrigerated Truck service in all our UAE. We supply any kind of item, Frozen, Vegetables, Chemicals and Medicines. We have a highly advanced system of vehicles to maintain temperature as per item requirements. Contact us if you want a Chiller Van Rental Dubai with the best services and very reasonable prices in Dubai.

We have got the most recent model and advanced technology Chiller Van and Freezer Van with highly experienced employees. For the Best Chiller van rent Contact us Now at +971 52 882 0727 / WhatsApp Now+971 52 765 9900 We are available 24/7 with the best services.

About Alhammad Transport

Our Mission

Alhammad Transport LLC is seen as one of the advanced and modern creating temperature controlled dispatches inside the Dubai United Arab Emirates. Throughout from last couple of years, The association has affected fundamental actions to convince matches to be held in a variety of zones within the context of temperature-controlled transportation.


Our Approach

The company operates from strategic locations around the United Arab Emirates, and each location is furnished with a variety of refrigerated cars, ranging in size from little vehicle decided vehicles to enormous important stock vehicles. Every vessel produced by our kind naval force is built to the highest standards imaginable to give our customers as much diversity and choice as is logically conceivable.

Our Services

We Provide not only Chiller Van for Rent in Dubai, we also provide Freezer Van for Rent, Freezer Truck for Rent, provide best Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai. Our Transportation service have many vehicles which is advanced model and our professional driver will drive which is know every route in Dubai so that is a plus point to our customer to save their time use a short route to reach a destination at a very short time.

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